If your service were a pill!

The hearing demonstrates discrepancy between non-profits essential role in community and the recognition of such role by the community: less “sexy”, more complex, long term projects are often the ones that actually make the difference, and they make greater need for these organisations to adopt some of the for profits’ marketing tools in order to thrive.  

“The founder of a St. Louis-area nonprofit joined the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, led by Senator Claire McCaskill and Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine, for a bipartisan hearing today that focused on progress in the cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Lisa Baron is the founder of Memory Care Home Solutions, which works to extend and improve time at home for individuals with dementia by providing in-home caregiving training, education and outreach programs. In her testimony, she explained that 90% of her clients are able to remain at home rather than moving to a nursing home and that this has saved the Missouri Medicaid program over $30 million.

The hearing also included David Hyde Pierce, award-winning actor, advocate, and former member of the National Alzheimer’s Project Act’s Advisory Council on Alzheimer’s Research, Care, and Services.

Speaking to Baron about the valuable service her non-profit provides, McCaskill said: “If your service was a pill, you’d get approved and we would pay for it. But you’re not a pill and you don’t have big pharma lobbying for you, and you don’t have a big company marketing you. But because you’re not being marketed like we see on TV—where if we could only somehow get our doctor to give us this drug and promise we’re going to be young, and thin, and beautiful, and happy, and have sex for the rest of our lives—you are struggling to deliver a basic service.” ” quoted from SenatorMcCaskill Youtube channel.



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