How to Measure non Financial Impact?

It’s easy to measure non profit funds, expenses, overhead in numbers but when it comes to its social impact, the effectiveness towards the cause, the answer might be ambiguous. Kat Rosqueta (Founding Executive Director of the Centre for High Impact Philanthropy) explains that it still a challenge but now it’s become easier with advanced technologies. However, a small inaccuracy in accounting for social determinants in the matrix can lead to major miscalculations. Doug Balfour (CEO of Geneva Global) explains his design for a matrix to account for social activities, addressing the questions: What are you trying to achieve? What are your returned? How aggressive is your approach? How long the plan? What is the level of risk? The problematic issue is that most project need a long time to starts producing impact, thus instead they are looking for ‘impact proxies’ that function as indicators of potential long term impact. This system can be useful for many strategies, especially when it comes to social media and digital marketing where clients m tend to translate the immediacy of the medium as immediacy of results, while this tool could offer more realistic estimates.


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