Visual impairment charity launches a visual campaign

An inspiring new campaign (#ExetersBlindSpot) form the WESC Foundation focus on the people of Exeter unaware of the life changing work WESC provides day to day. Created through the generous collaboration of AB agency, that produced the film free of charge, the project represent a perfect example of charities encouraging synergies with the business world through social media, resulting in an effort that can achieve both increased support for the charity and greater visibility of the agency profile online. In order to create the above video, AB researched and analysed the Exeter community to get a sense of the local “donor gaze”, the specific traits of the targeted audience. Social media engagement is the core of the campaign Their research targets involved to three main channels: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. “AB’s using a digital strategy team that will be monitoring all engagement to understand the impact locally as well as carrying out research with different audiences to find out feedback on the campaign”. A strategic campaign that fully capitalize on the dialogic possibilities of digital marketing, by testing the audience response to the film and act according to the feedback! the production value of the video content makes the campaign richer (it’s known that about 60% of viewers will watch the video before reading the text attached to it)



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