Doctors Without Borders on the Frontline


Doctors without borders are on the frontline of the current Syrian refugees situation. The escalating tension between local government and Syrians finally in the last hours break out into violent clashes between refugees and police forces. The tension was caused by a domino of border shutdowns across the Balkans that cut off any route to central and western Europe. Today, 300 refugees received treatment by the charity volunteers. Unsurprisingly the situation had actually been predicted by the DWB, which has ground knowledge of the situation. While committing resources and effort on their difficult mission, they also managed to adopt an effective policy of accountability, updating constantly through social media donors and public about not just the situation, but also their humanitarian efforts. Using in particular YouTube as preferred platform, through short, clear and poignant videos they are demonstrating how “transparency”, as the value to connect with stakeholders and public, can have a bigger and more effective meaning that just spending budgets. Here is Angelique, a Doctors Without Borders logistician, reflection before three days of the clash that happened on Sunday.


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