Unethical fundraising is bad for everyone

The reports exposes the problem of unethical fundraising taking, in particular in this case how elderly and generally more vulnerable people were specifically targeted, and presented this negative finding together with the fact that some of the larger charities spent less than 50% of their budget on the cause. Charities defend themselves by stating that they have to account for expenses such as fundraising, supplies, charity shops etc.  The nonprofit industry in  the UK composes  of 80 billion pounds / 105 thousand charities, making in it a sector of a significant size that has to be better understood. Unethical practices and budget mismanagement hurt the whole intustry exponentially, as marketing of any sort is already – wrongly – considered somehow incompatible with charities work.  That’s why charity spending needs double the consideration and an intelligent scrutiny, meaning an unbiased monitoring that takes fully into account the needs of the organisations to function and grow. Implementing  a charity valuator system should be a must to ensure not just that the donor is protected, but that the sector as a whole is not damaged.


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