Tips: social media for charities

Here are some social media tips for non profit organisations from Network For Good:

  1. Make it easy for your supporter to find you in any social media network
  2. Use a consistent name across all platforms
  3. Try not to use abbreviations so that you donors can easily find you.
  4. Share your links in your newsletters, and make sure that your supporter and donors know that you also have an active social media presence.
  5. Choose a striking profile photo, make sure it’s not too small. If you happen to have a unique, well designed logo, use it! Also, try to choose an icon that expresses that you are a nonprofit organisation.
  6. Test your social media activity: Facebook has built in analytics that helps you in measuring the post effectiveness and outreach.
  7. You can use free resources for twitter like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck  or you can use Buffer, which helps you to post over the day and you don’t need to be locked up during the day.
  8. Test your shared contents to know what’s your audience like, try to connect to them and engage them.
  9. Engage your audience, ask questions and be positive!
  10. Retweet other posts that relate to the same issue you’re currently discussing.
  11. Don’t be afraid to reuse content.

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