Get the most of your social event

My favourite video from the London Marathon is, hands down, this Parkinson’s UK video published on Facebook immediately after the run. It’s a moving, funny and captivating story told by a father and his daughter. And here is the effect of the post according to the third sector website:

“The video has been viewed over 41,000 times and has had a reach of 172.5k. They also saw a significant increase in donations to John’s fundraising page, which they attribute in part to this post. John had raised £4,750 before the post went out, and since the post has raised an extra £6,560 (not including gift aid)”

In the article, Kirsty Marrins shares few helpful insights based on how charities connected  with their fundraisers at London Marathon this year:

  1. Building up case studies based their runners to be shared on social media.
  2. Sending a personalised social content to their London Marathon runners
  3. Posting real time interviews and media
  4. Sharing post-event stats and information.

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