#ComicRelief Collaborations



On Red Nose Day, Comic Relief digital strategy included collaborations with WattPad, YouTube stars, and a Snap Chat Live story. NPF Synergy focuses on Comic collaboration with WattPad that enable them to build a new fan base using an unexpected platform to connect with new audiences. As NPF Synergy point out to the statement of Tender CEO on brand tie-ups: the key is finding a way for brands to communicate with users in an “accretive way” that does not “disrupt the users’ experience”. And Comic Relief was able to access the platform without disrupting user experiences with their partnership with Leigh Ansell’s, a 21-year-old Wattpadd writer who have her own built-in fan base.

#tip: Branding collaborations is a strategy that you might need to consider in your digital marketing mix.


Social media advice from musicians

Most charities have physical space, some of them are famous enough to be recognised, but what about smaller charities?  Here is some advices from the personal experiences of the Roxy regarding outreaching your audience to represent your charity and connect with audience:

  1.  Using fans, bands, and who’s coming to the show (your connection) to tell your story
  2. Create an intimate and real interaction  with your audience through social media
  3. Create your own content to show it in a way that makes sense to  your audience
  4. Use your social media platform to leverage your social graph.