#ComicRelief Collaborations



On Red Nose Day, Comic Relief digital strategy included collaborations with WattPad, YouTube stars, and a Snap Chat Live story. NPF Synergy focuses on Comic collaboration with WattPad that enable them to build a new fan base using an unexpected platform to connect with new audiences. As NPF Synergy point out to the statement of Tender CEO on brand tie-ups: the key is finding a way for brands to communicate with users in an “accretive way” that does not “disrupt the users’ experience”. And Comic Relief was able to access the platform without disrupting user experiences with their partnership with Leigh Ansell’s, a 21-year-old Wattpadd writer who have her own built-in fan base.

#tip: Branding collaborations is a strategy that you might need to consider in your digital marketing mix.


Thank You, for saving lives…



Currently, an emotional ad running on TV with cancer survivors and their families saying  “thank you” to all donors and contributors who funded the cancer research.  The ad was made simple with only a real cancer survivors telling their stories and sending their appreciation to the audiance. A very heart capturing ad emphasising the role of donors in saving lives.

The Ad was integrated with social media campaign that aims to engage people into conversation and encourage them to leave donations to the charity. Content in its own can be very touching, but engagement play a greater role in outreaching more people.


Pokémon GO for Charities

People are seen in the parks, police stations, shopping malls catching Pokemons, the new craze and sensation for tech games lovers. The game has been downloaded 7.5 million times from Google Play and the iOS App Store in the U.S., Interestingly nonprofit business innovatively  embraced the hype, and highjacked the app to attract more people to their causes, starting from snapping pictures to Pokémon that they found in their charities location, or they might be lucky enough to be a Pokestop, or by simply going to those Pokestops to advertise for your charity.

The Story of #FindAzam

This video has been published 5 months ago, but the message it’s still somehow relevant. It is a story of hope for all of those who got separated from family, friends, loved ones because of any kind of natural calamity or humanitarian crises. The combination of simple tools, such an hashtag Twitter campaign to spread the word to those who can help reach the person who’s been lost, and the use of Facebook images to identify her/his location can be incredibly effective in such circumstances.

Tips: social media for charities

Here are some social media tips for non profit organisations from Network For Good:

  1. Make it easy for your supporter to find you in any social media network
  2. Use a consistent name across all platforms
  3. Try not to use abbreviations so that you donors can easily find you.
  4. Share your links in your newsletters, and make sure that your supporter and donors know that you also have an active social media presence.
  5. Choose a striking profile photo, make sure it’s not too small. If you happen to have a unique, well designed logo, use it! Also, try to choose an icon that expresses that you are a nonprofit organisation.
  6. Test your social media activity: Facebook has built in analytics that helps you in measuring the post effectiveness and outreach.
  7. You can use free resources for twitter like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck  or you can use Buffer, which helps you to post over the day and you don’t need to be locked up during the day.
  8. Test your shared contents to know what’s your audience like, try to connect to them and engage them.
  9. Engage your audience, ask questions and be positive!
  10. Retweet other posts that relate to the same issue you’re currently discussing.
  11. Don’t be afraid to reuse content.

Social media advice from musicians

Most charities have physical space, some of them are famous enough to be recognised, but what about smaller charities?  Here is some advices from the personal experiences of the Roxy regarding outreaching your audience to represent your charity and connect with audience:

  1.  Using fans, bands, and who’s coming to the show (your connection) to tell your story
  2. Create an intimate and real interaction  with your audience through social media
  3. Create your own content to show it in a way that makes sense to  your audience
  4. Use your social media platform to leverage your social graph.






Tips: How to choose your charity ?


Jean Shafiroff, the writer of  “Successful Philanthropy”, shares some tips regarding how to choose whom you donate to:

  1.  Check the charity penal statement
  2. The charity should have only 20%  spending on overhead
  3. Follows your passion (which cause do you like?)
  4. Use charity navigator to understand the charity performance.

How to Measure non Financial Impact?

It’s easy to measure non profit funds, expenses, overhead in numbers but when it comes to its social impact, the effectiveness towards the cause, the answer might be ambiguous. Kat Rosqueta (Founding Executive Director of the Centre for High Impact Philanthropy) explains that it still a challenge but now it’s become easier with advanced technologies. However, a small inaccuracy in accounting for social determinants in the matrix can lead to major miscalculations. Doug Balfour (CEO of Geneva Global) explains his design for a matrix to account for social activities, addressing the questions: What are you trying to achieve? What are your returned? How aggressive is your approach? How long the plan? What is the level of risk? The problematic issue is that most project need a long time to starts producing impact, thus instead they are looking for ‘impact proxies’ that function as indicators of potential long term impact. This system can be useful for many strategies, especially when it comes to social media and digital marketing where clients m tend to translate the immediacy of the medium as immediacy of results, while this tool could offer more realistic estimates.

Bob Wright: Nonprofit Marketing & Fundraising


Bob wright answer questions from different audiences with various nonprofit problems and backgrounds in Gary’s Vaynerchuk youtube channel. Questions include:How do we get into new communities that are tech and talent rich and build relationships with those communities ? How to use social media to find core donors? How can nonprofits get donors to also provide assistance to the nonprofit’s workplace culture?